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06/24/13 08:10 AM #17    

Barbara Datwyler (Merrill-Muzzy)

I have been participating in the "Remembering Ogden Riverdale and Beyond" blog and it's pretty fun...  Remembering Ogden/Riverdale and beyond.  you may want to post the connection.

06/25/13 06:51 AM #18    


Ray Boyle III


05/31/14 07:13 AM #19    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

      I would like to send a very big special thank you to our classmate, Garth Westover, for his

outstanding job of keeping our minds thinking, and all of his leg work in posting all the

obituaries, fun old time photos of all of us.    We should all send him a Gift Card to Olive

Garden and send him hugs and kisses.    Great job GARTH, we love and appreciate all you do,

along with Wynn Phillips and his great website.    Wynn tells me, for everyone to look soon to the new 

website look.    So hands off to everyone that makes our Class of 1961 so Memorable.


06/01/14 02:50 PM #20    

Judee Robb (Stanley)

I too send kudos to Garth. He must have great patience! I think a gift certificate is in order at the very least.

Judee Stanley

06/01/14 07:36 PM #21    

Margaret Hadley (Radabaugh)

Great job Garth.  I look foreword to your new postings.  Thank you.

06/02/14 02:25 PM #22    


John Demel

Well done Garth - Thanks!  And thanks to all


10/11/14 12:33 PM #23    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

A special thank you to everyone that has been able to attend monthly lucheons

in Ogden, and also Brigham City and Layton.    We have really had fun seeing 

each other, and meeting fellow OHS graduates from OHS from other classes.

For those of you that missed out my brother George, taking the class of 1963,

through the Tunnels ( Alley Ways ), underneath 7 of his properties on 25th

Street, I will arrange another tour soon.    It was a fun day with the class of

1963.   We did have a fabulors Lunch at the Club that my father owned, now

my brother owing it, but leasing the premises out.    You must try Lunch there

some time.   Great Food.

If there is anyone that has been missed for the Monthly luncheons please

send me your email address so I can add you to list.


November Get together is being held at Slickwater, at 1895 Washington Blvd.


10/12/14 02:35 PM #24    

Celia Williams (Baron)

Hi Madeline,

Please let me know your luncheon dates.  I'd love to come if I'm in town.  Do you know the Dec. date yet?


02/03/15 11:53 AM #25    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dearest Readerss and Classmates,


To Ellie Petersen and Carole Shupe:   You are both so very pretty still, and so full of

life.   You must use Greek Olive Oil everyday.

To Mike Stoddard:  You stated you looked the same.   You were so unattractive in High School, and now

you are just a Greek God who is ever so kind to everyone, especially at our fun Luncheons.

To all Classmates, that are able TO ATTEND, see you at the March Lundheon, and will notify everyone as soon

as as it is planned.   Above all, thank you for your support at the Luncheons.   Hope to see the 25th Street

TUNNELS March 2015.   Still working on a good date for those that can attend.

           Love this weather we are having now.   Everyone have a great 2015 and remember, the 55th is almost

here too.


02/07/15 08:50 PM #26    


Ray Boyle III


01/06/16 09:09 AM #27    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Please note:   For the 55th Class Reunion, Lynda Cawley Goucher

is also on the Committeee.   Some how I didn't get her name

put in the list.   I do apolgise as Lynda is one super Committeee person.

Madeline Pappas Coleman

01/06/16 10:21 PM #28    


Judy Prantil (Linnell)

A shout out to Garth U R the BEST.

I'm living in an AZ retirement community

with people from all over the country.

Few have an active class website with

easy assess to former classmates.

Go OHS ๐ŸŽ‰ Class of '61 ๐ŸŽ“party on !

see you all this August.

Ciao'  Judy Prantil Linnell


01/09/16 07:52 AM #29    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Does any one have a correct mailing address and email address for Richard Kendell.

If so, please email it to me at :

01/25/16 08:21 PM #30    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

For the Committeee for the 55th

Class Reunion:: Richard Kendell

and Spencer Paschal have been

added.   After 55 years, I

thought they needed to Particpate.

See every one soon.

Madeline Pappas Coleman

01/27/16 09:46 AM #31    


Richard Orton

I noticed on Lynda's contact that her area code was incorrect.  She's a fun lady and has a great Husband too.

Just a small memory about Kent:  a group of us were running on Washington Blvd getting ready for a Track Meet at Washington Jr High, and I got a little too close to Kent trying to take the lead, and he said "Move over Ort or I'll run over ya"

I think I made the right Choice!

Kent was always friendly to me when I would see at the Base, and he would ask with a big grin on his face

"how's that cute little Sister of your's"?

Kent is one of the greatest hard workers I have ever met!  He will be missed.

Dick Orton

07/07/16 09:03 AM #32    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

I hope many of you are able to attend the 55th Class Reunion

being held August 20th at the Comfort Suites Ballroom at 5 PM

Sharp, in Ogden, Utah.   Just a simple dinner at $ 30. 00 per person, with a few

surprises here and there.   We have only had four meetings to

put this together, so register if you are coming.     We have all worked hard,

so you will be really surprised at what we have planned.   Special

thank you to many classmates that have jumped in to to make this

a simple Class Reunion at almost some what the last minute.

Hope you are all having a great Summer, and our deepest condolences

to the four classmates we have lost this year.

Our MC's grand daughter is getting married that day, named Dr. Jack Wahlen

and his lovely wife Bonnie.   We have covered for them as they are not able

to participate now.   But Jack and Bonnie have been trooper's in helping us out.

       Love & Hugs to all of you, and especially my Committee people

            Madeline Pappas Coleman

07/10/16 11:26 AM #33    

John Nelson

We are looking forward to this very much.

John and Linda Nelson

02/07/17 07:09 AM #34    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

     To those of you who may be able to attend, Classmates are meeting

for Lunch at Maddox's in Perry, Utah for a Luncheon get together.

No special occassion, just a get together.    The Herford Room has been

Reserved for us, up the stairs, and turn to your right.

Friday, March 24, 2017

2 PM sharp please

Hope many of you are able to attend.

Please RSVP to

I know some of you have already.

Madeline Pappas Coleman

10/22/17 09:02 AM #35    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

   As many of you know, the 2017 Follow-Up Class Reunion is

Friday, November 17, 2017 at the Holiday Inn Express in their

Great Room, from 5 PM to 8 PM.  RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST.

                  $ 22. 00 Per person

Just a fun get together and it is Buffet Style.

Holiday Inn Express

2245 South 1200 West

Ogden, Utah

For those of you that attended the 55th Class Reunion,

it is right across from the Comfort Suites.

Resrvations can be made through email to:

Madeline Coleman ( 801-972-5622 )

Sand Sowerby   801-479-5097

Bonnie Wahlen   801-698-6881

Jack Wahlen     801-698-6882

Judy Banks              801-479-3764    ( Sorry, I forgot her email )

   Lynda Cawley Goucher had last minutes commentments and is unable to help us again

this reunion.   We will miss her this year as she is such an asset for all of us.

                      See everyone soon,     Madeline Pappas Coleman


10/30/17 04:46 PM #36    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

Please exuse the incorrect time posted on this website for the time of the Novemeber 17, 2017 Follow-Up class Reunion.   The correct time is from 5 PM to 8 M

Held at the Holiday Inn Express

2245 South 1200 West

Ogden, Utah

$ 22. 00 per person if your have a a reservation.    Anyone without a RESERVATION

 that may come, the cost will be $ 25. 00 per person at the door.

There is a Bar Set Up also that night, and those expenses of course

is each person's.  

As of our meeting today, we now have 29 reservations, so please make them

as soon as possible as our deadline is November 15, 2017.

Madeline Pappas Coleman


11/02/17 09:21 AM #37    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Correct email for Madeline Pappas Coleman is:

The announcement for November 17th

Follow-up classreunion has it incorrect.


11/03/17 09:12 AM #38    

Lynda Cawley (Goucher)

My email is also incorrect. Correct email for Lynda Cawley Goucher:

01/11/18 09:22 AM #39    

Richard Streeper

Ron Hill


Sorry to hear of Ron's passing. I always remember him as smiling , good natured  claasmate and good football player. I do not much of Ron's life after Odgen High School but it seems he had a good life. My thoughts go out to his family and wish them the best

01/28/20 05:56 PM #40    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

      The 60th Class Reunion is now somewhat being planned and just wanted everyone to mark this date, so you can possibly

make plans to attend the 60th.

60th Class Reunion will be held Auguest 28, 2021, remember, 2021,

at: The Timbermine Restuarant in Ogden, Utah

5 PM to 8PM

Every three months you will receive notifications to keep reminding us.

June of 2021, now again, remember 2021, you will be sent your menu choices,

the expense of your meal, and whom you will your check or money order to.

Your payment will be your reservation.

Too excited, even though we are into next year of 2021.

Madeline Pappas Coleman


01/29/20 09:58 AM #41    

Lynda Cawley (Goucher)

Thank you Madeline for making these arrangements.  Stay well and happy.  See you at the next luncheon.  Hugs.  

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