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07/20/20 07:54 AM #37    


Bill Wade

This was discussed prior to the "celebration" of Mike Stoddard. I was concerned about the possible backlash someone might post. I discussed it wth Eddy and he sort of agreed but left it up to the enertia to take over.

Now as for the actual event. It was very low key. We did reminis and talk not only about Mike and his reputation but about many othe people we can still remember, and that part is getting harder and harder. Dennis has certainly aided Carolyn, Mike's wife, and that is extremely helpful and gracious of him to do that for her. I do know there have been others who have graduated with us who could have used the same sort of help if any of the rest of us had had the ability, knowledge, awareness, and gumption to do it.

I don't begrudge whast we did in Mike's honor. He certainly was an icon of our times and in retrospect was the "Fonzie" of our class. I do wonder, however, how many of our other classmates have been or soon will be forgotten simply because they weren't "Fonzie". 

Many of you are aware that I made a prediction a couple of years ago about the time we have left on this earth. The projection is holding pretty much as was then and the Covid-19 virus is certainly going to accelerate my predictions.

About all I can say now is Love each other, be kind to each other, remember what we can and be safe for as long as we can hold on.

Bill Wade

07/20/20 09:29 AM #38    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates that were possibly offended by the celebration of MikeStoddard's life:    You should be totally ashamed of yourselves for even posting negative remarks simililar to Black Lives Matter.   Every classmate

was invited to attend that could, and I personally sent out mail to those that do have email, some back South, Arizona, and California. Why Mike Stoddard and never anyone else?    Those that have complained, wouldn't be nice for example Brent Clark stating about Carolyn Corry.   It was I that notified Garth about Carolyn, then,

Garth posted her death.    Why don't you the complainers go ahead and make someone's celebration and we will all attend?    We love and respect all classmates, and try to include everyone for special things.    All you classmates, why don't you get a Luncheon Group and do what you think all classmates would appreciate.

Brent Clark, I for one have invited you to functions, and Keith W. you know I have kept you informed.   It was actually a Luncheon group's idea to help Mike's wife out, and celebrate his life, but they wanted everyone included.    

In ending, we all have Freedom of Speech, so say what you want, but think first, and for heaven sakes, never

degrade a deceased person and their family unless you know the exact circumstances.    I attended the men's lucheon one time and I personally loved what they do, and all their great stories and dedication to one another.  To Dennis Gladwell, you are a 10, and God sent you some how to help Mike and Dave Gray out.   Keep up your great dedication to people that deserve it.

07/20/20 01:17 PM #39    


Jackie Downs (Smith)


07/20/20 03:08 PM #40    


Brent Clark

TO: Bill Wade
Thanks for the level headed and perceptive observations that you entered on this Message Forum today. They are the best comments that have been posted on this file thus far.
Brent Clark

07/21/20 05:19 AM #41    

Carla Havas (Baruch)

Being on the "outside", meaning I live on the East Coast and can't make it to class get-togethers, I do read and follow the "61 website. I find it petty that anyone would be upset by honoring a classmate who has passed away. Isn't there enough bad stuff going on in our world right now that any comfort given to ANYONE is welcome. There are fewer and fewer of us left from our OHS graduating class that we should be grateful for any kindness shown to anyone. 'nuff said.

Carla Baruch (Havas)


07/21/20 11:07 AM #42    


Keith Westbroek

To all classmates,

I was totally  missunderstood.  I was not against you having a celebration for Mike.  My point was, I feel if you do it for one, you should do it for everyone. 

Keith Westbroek

07/21/20 03:10 PM #43    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Keith, I know exactly what you meant with no offense to Mike or his wife.   Why don't you plan celebrations for classmates instead of just few thinking of everyone, RIGHT?   Many live in St. George now, 9 that I personally know of.

Do something yourself personally.    I really understand what you and Brent Clark are trying to saying.   My point is, why even post such a pos, comparing it to almost Black Lives Matter.     It was distasteful and very out of place, especially being and old man of 77 0r 76.   How very unfortunate since you are both very good LDS goer's.

I bet your bishop would not be proud of either of you.   Judy Cartwright Banks, was a former Class Officer,

and you can bet your sweet selves, when the Virus leaves, Judy will get a clebration everyone will remember.

Will you and Brent be attending?   The reason I ask is, not to be a smart butt head, but to prove a point, we do things for many classmates.

Judy Robb Stanley had a stroke, and we made sure she was contacted and flowers sent.   Where were you and Brent to send at least a card?

Gartth posts almost everyone's passing and I have seen neither you, or Brent even send a stamp.    So, in

my febel uneducated mind, I wonder why Mike's celebration set you and Brent off to post such a viral  post that both of you did?

07/21/20 04:46 PM #44    


Bill Wade

In retrospect, just after returning to Utah, I was interested in looking up Sam Merrill. I put it off for no good reason but laziness. Then one day i heard from someone that he had died that day and that a celebration of life was being held in his backyard. I don't remember how or who told me but I do remember the  rermorse I felt for not following up and visiting him. 

I am grateful that I had a chance to see his wife and visit with some of our classmates while honoring Sam.

We are all here for such a short time so please don't wait for someone to plan a celebration for your friends. Reach out. Give them a call. Send them a message. Tell them you are thinking of them. Don't wait until you have to say you wish you had. 

07/21/20 10:10 PM #45    

Richard Kendell


I thought I would add a comment just for the sake of background and context.  About 8 months ago I got a call from Mike Stoddard ( out of the blue) to join him and a few others for lunch.  I really valued his reaching out to me. This lunch/get together is open to all OHS alums.  Since then I have attended 5-6 lunch meetings and enjoyed each one of them.  I learned that Mike had experienced som poor health but I didn't know any details. Later, the announcemwent was made that Mike had passed away.  I waited for an announcement of a viewing, funeral, or graveside service.  None was forthcoming and I learned that Mike was laid to rest the day after he died.  At one of the luncheons the suggestion was made to contact Caroline and see if a few friends could do something to recognize his life.  She agreed and a date was set for a get together to pay our respects.  About 240 invitations were sent out.  About 30 of us got together at Mount Ogden Park.  There was a moment of silence in Mike's honor and introductions and comments from all who attended.  It was a nice event, thanks to many who reserved the bowery, sent out notices, and provided signage for the event.  I think the family members in attendance appreciated this gesture very much.  The legal help and other related activities led by Dennis Gladwell resulted from the early contact with Caroline and other close friends like Mike Daz.  There are some needs in this case and luckily several OHS alums could help out. Of course we should do this for every classmate who has passed away and not had the opportunity for a funeral or similar service.  Our failure to do this for others results, I think, from just not knowing who has passed away and the circumstances experienced at the end of their lives.  Please count me in to recognize and help with others.  I am sure that this sentiment will be felt by virtually everyone.. Best wishes to you al..  Rich Kendell OHS '61


07/23/20 08:19 AM #46    

James Nichols

Some of you may remember me as Nick or Nicky. I live on the east coast so I do not have the opportunity to participate in any of the lovely events the class has. Maybe I will be lucky  one day when I am visiting Utah and can attend one of the men's luncheons. I have been following the posts concerning the celebration of Mike Stoddards life and I feel that it is time to put this to rest before more things are said that will be regretted. We should just focus on showing love for each other and being supportive especially during the difficult time we are in with the pandemic. Stay safe everyone and have long and healthy lives. 

07/24/20 05:08 AM #47    


Nolan Archibald

I just wanted to add my voice to that of Madeline's, Dennis, Richard, Bill, Jackie and all the other positive comments about having a memorial and paying tribute to Mike Stoddard. I think what Richard Kendall and Dennis Gladwell did for Mike's wife was fabulous. if there ever was an icon for our class it was Mike Stoddard. I always wanted to "be like mike". May he rest in peace and comfort to his dear wife. 


07/25/20 12:12 PM #48    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Thanks Nolan for your reply.   You were a 10 always and never had to be like

Mike.   We have all loved you since trying to get you in Edna Hardy's class at

Polk School.   But Mr. Ellis would never give you up.    May I have a correct email

address for you.


See you at the 60th in 2021.

07/26/20 05:53 AM #49    


Nolan Archibald

Madeline, my email address is:

07/28/20 01:27 PM #50    


Gene Newman

I would like to say thanks to those who pulled together Mike's memorial; especially Dennis, Madeline, Richard.  Since about the 30 year reunion I have  enjoyed working with many of those who have been responsible for our get-togethers.  I have observed that it has been the same people (about 30, maybe 40 total) who have been the "doers."  They are all volunteers.  For the 50th reunion, which I was asked to chair, we started with five at the first planning dinner at my house and ended up with about twenty who were the "doers" that brought about one of the best reunions I have heard of.  It was amazing the support I got in asking those who came together to pull it off.  We have a great class.  This website that brings us together has been the great work of Wynn Phillips.  He is one that is always there making things happen with little recognition.  Dennis Gladwell did an amazing job on the 30th reunion.  Madelline is amazing; we all love you.  Garth is another.  Aloma (rip) kept the history of every classmate as they made the news and she contributed that.  Lynn Van Wagenen, by himself without even being asked, made a keepsake video of our 50th reunion at cost.  Bill Tribe, the one-man band and MC...amazing.  Claudia R and Judy Mc--  What an amazing sock-hop, not to be forgotten.  Kent Coleman for his bowling alley.  John Nelson, Linda Fowler and Madeline our entertainers-  We will always remember the "little things".  Our thanks to all you "doers" and a special invitation to all others who have good ideas and thoughts to join in and participate yourself with the "doers".   WE HAVE A BIG 60TH COMING SOON.  


07/29/20 02:51 PM #51    

Dennis Gladwell

Dear Class of 61.  I was just informed by the Legacy house, that our very good friend, Dave Grey, died three days ago. I have no further details.  We should all hope for a viewing or a celebration of life from his sons who have been pretty devoted to their dad this last year.  Dennis Gladwell

07/30/20 07:30 AM #52    

David Friese

I have a great memory of Dave Gray. After graduating from Ogden High, several of us went to Weber State Collrge and joined the Excelsior Men's Club. Dave Gray was a great baseball player and he received enough money from playing ball to buy a new white Corvette convertible. I remember that at that time I was so envious of Dave. That car was so beautiful! That fall Excelsior Men's Club built a float for Homecoming. Dave pulled the float with that brand new white Corvette convertible! Dave was such a fun person to be around. I still have a white a Corvette convertible and think of Dave when I go for a drive. David Friese

07/31/20 11:40 AM #53    

Dean Hughes

Dave Gray always walked slightly pigeon-toed, with his right foot turned in just a bit.  Someone said he had a mild case of polio as a boy.  I don't know.  I only know that Dave Gray was not just the best athlete of our class; he was the coolest.  I'm embarrassed now to admit it--and I never have before--but I started faking his walk. I tried to turn my right foot in a little and lean forward more than was natural to me.  I wanted to be like Dave Gray.  But I wasn't. I never will be.  Still, he and I were friends and I cheered for him when he reached the major leagues and agonized over the injury that forced him out of baseball.  We were children back then, weren't we?  We didn't know what life would do to us or where it would take us.  But those were wondrous days when life was in front of us.  And these are painful days as one after another, we are all departing.  What memories though.  And it's easier to love all of us, and each of us, as we never could when we were so young.

08/02/20 07:00 AM #54    


Bill Wade

Dave Gray and I had a dubious past. He never knew it but I secretly both admired and despised him. Not for what he ever did to me but because I couldn't be him. We played against each other in Ogden City Recrecrational leagut. I pitched against him in Jr. High and my knees trembled when I came up to bat against him. His fast ball was both a thing of beauty and a thing to be feared. I dropped out of baseball in high school because I knew that if I stayed on the team I would be sitting on the bench. He was awsome from the first time we ever competed as 12 year olds. By the time he was 12, the pro-scouts were already looking at him attending our games at Liberty Park.

His dad came to every game and many of the practices. He went to spring training with Dave when he went to the bigs. His dad said that Bob Feller, hall of fame fast ball pitcher for the Boston Reds and Daves pitching coach, told him that Dave was one of the fastest pitchers he had ever seen. Coming from someone like Feller that was, indeed, high praise.

Dave was number three in a string of great pitchers to come out of OHS; Kenny Hunt, who pitched in the world series, Kenny Williamson whose life was cut short in an automobile accident, and Dave. I am proud to say I knew all three.

I'm sure there will be more great pitchers in OHS's future but his name should be etched on the halls as a legend.

10/23/20 07:48 PM #55    


Wynn Phillips

Fellow Classmates -

I am sure there are a number of you who have a parent or parents who attended OHS in the early years. My father, Thomas "Ray" Phillips was a Senior in 1933 at OHS. I have the 1933 Classicum. If any of you have a person who was at OHS in 1931 - 1933, I would be glad to find their picture and scan it for you. The OHS building we know was first attended in August 1937, so the Class of '33 attended, I believe, was on 25th Street in Ogden.

You can email me directly at if you would like a scanned page.


Wynn C. Phillips
801-510-1404 | 161 W 4100 N | Pleasant View UT |

10/24/20 06:20 AM #56    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Wynn, my mothrr Maria Harames graduated from Ogden High.  Harames was her last name before

she married my father, George Pappas.     I would love a photo of her.   Mother jumped a grade, but

she would be in your year book.   Linda Marocchi's mother graduated with Mother too.

Linda has no email, and sorry I do not know her mother's last name then.


Thanks a million too.   I am recovering well, and Judy Grossenbach did get a hold of me.


Madeline Pappas Coleman 

10/26/20 07:37 PM #57    


Wynn Phillips

Madeline - The Classicum 1933 only has pictures of the Seniors for that year. I did not find your mother in the senior photos. It does not show photos or names of juniors or sophomores as I expected.



10/27/20 09:07 AM #58    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Thank you for trying.


10/28/20 09:41 AM #59    

Garth Westover

Madeline, you mother, Maria Harames, was in the class of 1934.


09/04/21 11:41 AM #60    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

This is one hell of an appreciation to WYNN PHILLIPS that has done so much for the class of 1961.   He of all of us derservs much appreciation.   He has never asked for one red cent for all he has been doing on the website, and I am sure he never would.   I would appreciate it very much each of you reading this, please send

WYNN PHILLIPS $5. 00 or if you see him at your men's luncheon on September 16, 201 at Ligori's in Ogden, Utah, pleasae compensate him.    If Wynn is mad at this request, then let it be, as he scares me none.   Now, Gene Newman and Al Foulkes do scare me.

Madeline Pappas Coleman,   


Wynn Phillips

161 West 4100 North

Pleasant View, Utah 84414




09/22/21 04:53 PM #61    

Janice Roberts (Mozley)

Dear Wonderful generous classmates...

Since I don't have addresses for everyone who donated to my sudden financial crisis due to Jake's death and

loss of income, I thought this would be a way to express my great gratitude for your help, though I would prefer to write personal notes to each of you.

It was frightening to discover I'd have to move when rent was due on the first....Madeline is an amazing and

wonderful friend who helped more than imaginable, and others sent donations through an emergency "Go fund me" which was quickly set up, and  others gave donations to Madeline at the reunion which she sent to me.

We had planned to come to the reunion until the sudden onset of "acute kidney disease" then 2 kinds of cancer

struck Jake and took his life in two months time to plan or do anything but to keep on living from day to day. 

I'm so very thankful for your kind and generous help.....such loving friends! I'm thankful for each donation and for each of you and your kind words of support and the many beautiful cards!

May each of you be blessed with good health and all of the resources that you need!

Big hugs and heartfelt gratitude to each one...and thank you to those who have prayed for me....I feel like I'm being carried in loving arms of our Father!


Janice Roberts Mozley  if you'd like to keep in touch...I love hearing from old friends! 

phone: 925 855 9708


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