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Pat Hill (McCullough)

Pat Hill (McCullough)

OBITUARY – Patricia Ann Hill (Created by Garth Westover)


Patricia Ann Hill

(20 Apr 1943 – 02 Jun 2007)


Patricia Ann Hill passed away on the 2nd of Jun, 2007 from cancer in Kennewick, WA.

Pat grew up in Ogden, UT and graduated from Ogden High School in 1961. Although she lived and traveled to many states during her life, the majority of her life was spent in the state of Washington.

Pat was married three times. She married her classmate, Bruce Davis and they had one son together. Bruce and Pat were later divorced. Pat was married to Gene Heiden for approximately seven years. They were later divorced. Finally, she had a thirty-two year long relationship and marriage to Mickey McCullough.

Pat is survived by her son, Bradley Davis Sr. (wife Tammie) and grandson, Bradley Davis Jr. of Vancouver, WA.

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01/25/16 09:12 AM #1    

Judee Robb (Stanley)

How odd? I was just thinking about grade school and shared classes with Pat and was thinking about her in particular and wondering what happened. I am sorry to hear this.  Judee Robb Stanley

01/27/16 04:53 PM #2    

Kathy Leishman (Moreland)

Pat Hill and I were neighbors and childhood friends all the way through high school.  I have tried over the years to find out what happened to Pat--unsuccessfully.  She married Bruce Davis March 1962.  She was in my wedding party in August 1962.  The picture I have of Pat and Bruce at my wedding showes they were expecting.  Their son was born about Nov. because I have a picture of Pat at my house in December holding him.  So he was born in 1962 and that would make him about 53 years old.  The last time I saw Pat was in the summer of 65.  She was divorced from Bruce and was getting ready for her night shift as a cocktail waitress in a lounge--not sure where.  I heard after that she moved to San Francisco.  Bruce passed away many years ago so if we could just find their son maybe we can find out what happened to my friend and our classmate.  I heard that he is living in Idaho.  Maybe someone can check the birth records at Dee Hospital (old name) and find out his name and then we could go from there.  I would like to find closer.

Kathy Leishman Moreland

01/27/16 04:58 PM #3    

Kathy Leishman (Moreland)

Pat was Catholic so her son was probably born at St. Benedicts not McKay Dee.

02/01/16 12:26 PM #4    

Kathy Leishman (Moreland)

For over 30 years I have been trying to find my friend, neighbor and classmate Patricia Hill.  With the help of Garth Westover, finding her son's name, I have now been able to bring to close my search.  Pat was married to our class mate, Bruce Davis, had a son Bradley and then to me just simply vanished. 

I had a wonderful phone visit with Bradley.  He told me that his mother married 3 times and lived in many states and settled in Washington.  His step-father was wonderful to him and they had a good life.  Pat did not have any more children.  Pat died on June 2, 2007 of cancer.  Bradley has a son, Bradley L. Davis Jr.  Bradley said that he saw his father, Bruce only twice before Bruce died in 1972.  Bruce's family sent Bradley many pictures of his father.  I have sent him the few pictures I had of Pat.  I was so afraid that Pat died in the 60's and was relieved to know that she had a good long life--but not long enough.  Good Bye my friend wish we could of spend more time together.

02/02/16 08:18 AM #5    

Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

I am so thankful Kathy Leishman Moreland was able to find

out for sure about Pat Hill.   Kathy, Pat, and the Kennedy twins,

along with Paul Hurst, & I, had a lot of fun growing up through our

Polk School days.   I am sorry to learn she passed away of that

terrible word Cancer.   I have many class photos of Pat, and she was

always so full of fun and energy.   I do remember when Pat Kern,

Judee Robb and I had to get Pat Hill to the School nurse at Polk as Pat fell

and really hurt herself playing hopscotch.   And some very terrible student

had stepped on her eye glasses.   As you may all remember, Pat wore

very thick eye glasses at an early age.   My father actually bought Pat Hill

a brand new pair of glasses.


May Pat and her family always have the best memories of her, and the same

for all our classmates that knew her.

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