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Gloria Hull Simmons

Gloria Hull

I plan to attend the Reunion. I will tell you about me for the past years. I have attended college and graduated. I have two bachelors degrees. I work for the Recreation Dept. in Thermopolis, Wyoming. I am free a lot in July and August. I work mostly during the school year when they have a lot of sports activities. I am retired. My husband passed away so I am a widow. I have two grandchildren. I spend a lot of time with my grand kids. My oldest granddaughtor starts High School this year. She is nervous about it. I keep telling her high school will be fun. well I hope to see a lot of you at the Reunion. I will be there for the tour and the Dinner sat. I can only be there for part of it. I also have a swimming meet in Cheyeanne, Wyoming the week before. I participate in Senior Olympics all the time. I am an avid swimmer. I compete and have won numorous metals. I keep saying that this is what keeps me young. Ha Ha! Maybe young at heart and mind. Well we will sign off for now. I hope you get this message.

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