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Terry Menacker

Terry Menacker
Residing In: HOCKESSIN, DE

After living in San Francisco for many, many years, I moved back to the East Coast. No, I am not NUTZ, nuts! There was a very good reason. BTW I attended the University of Utah, not BYU. Those who know me know that I have a passion for music and sports cars, beautiful women, and nice people, no matter who they are. Oh, I also like cats, (we have 4), in fact I love all animals. I also like good food and wine. I lot of people think I have a great sense of humor, and along with kindness I think those are 2 qualities a person must have. In 1993 I founded Overture Ultimate Audio/Video. I am proud to say that we are recognized around the world as one of the finest stores of our type anywhere. To any of my friends ( I think I have a few you can call me @ 1800 838 1812. I would love to here from you. If I owe you money, please don't call me, I'll call you! To me one of life's most precious gifts is that of true friendship. And on that note I'll say "I hope to here from any of my friends that I've lost touch with. True friendship endures the test of time. Good luck, and be well!