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Jim Dalley

Jim Dalley

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12/20/14 01:33 PM #1    

Garth Westover


Technically, Jim graduated from Granite High in Salt Lake City. Here is a biography that he posted on the Granite High School Class of '61 Website.

At Granite high school, I was a geek. pocket protector, belt-loop slide rule and president of the math (chess) club. I took every math and physical science class that I could find and I enjoyed associating with the geniuses. I argued with the Electronics Instructor and I competed on the debate team. My debate partner was really smart guy, but I did not realize his world-class genius at the time. 
I am best remembered for playing the musical saw. I was the best sawyer in the school, as best as I could figure because no one else would admit the avocation. 
My most conventional pursuit was river running expeditions with SOCOTWA. Graduation night, I went directly from Granite High School to the bus bound for a Colorado River, week long, pontoon trip. 
Served in the Eastern Atlantic States Mission (PA, MD and VA). 
My goal was to invent an automatic lawnmower. Now, I am involved with the annual international Robot Lawn Mower Competition, which is held near my home. I have published a few journal articles on the Autonomous Lawnmower competition. 
Married Ina Van Aalst from Ogden. 
Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Utah. 
I implemented the IBM Diskette for the IBM System/32 and the first Energy Star dishwasher at GE Appliance. Presently, I consult as an Embedded Software Engineer. 
Of our five children, we have an architect, computer scientist, chemical engineer and two computer engineers. 
I enjoy the local geek influence; Dayton, Ohio is the mecca for Ham Radio. Nearby WPAFB is said to have space aliens on base. Most people cannot tell the difference between the hams and the extra terrestrials.

12/21/14 10:10 PM #2    

Ina Van Aalst (Dalley)


Thank you for adding the information about Jim.  I wasn't sure whether to send the obit it since Jim did not attend or graduate from OHS.  He did go through elementery school and jr high in the Ogden school district.

Ina Van Aalst Dalley

12/22/14 10:19 AM #3    

Garth Westover


Lots of classmates remember Jim. I also know that he was an usher at Jim Layman's wedding, and Lou Johnson was the best man at your wedding. Jim is also a member of the OHS Class of '61 Facebook Group.

Lou Johnson also submitted Jim's obit to me.

Let's just say he is an honorary member of our class.



12/23/14 09:03 AM #4    

Ray Boyle III


12/23/14 04:53 PM #5    

Michael Stoddard

Unfortunately, I do not remember Jim as a classmate at OHS. However, after reading about him, he has my upmost respect. Evidently he lived a good life and accomplished more than most of us have. He proved it was more imporant to have knowledge - than anything else. For me, at the time, it was fun to score touchdowns, shoot basketballs, hit home-runs. Now, I realize how smart Jim Dalley truely was. Too late now; (but) I wish I would have known him then. Michael Stoddard . . .

12/24/14 11:06 AM #6    

Bill Wade

Mike, Jim was what we call now a geek. Back in the day he would have been know as a square. I remember him from Lorrin Farr Elementary. I believe he want to Central Jr high.

12/24/14 12:44 PM #7    

Jim Layman

Jim was a great life-long friend to me.  As noted above, he was an usher at my wedding (June 6, 1968).  In about 1956 or 1957, Jim's dad taught ham radio classes in the basement of their home, which I attended.  At that time, I obtained my ham radio license, which I still hold.  One experience I recall with Jim was hiking to the top of Mount Ogden and then to Snow Basin.  However, it got dark before we arrived at Snow Basin.  Jim's parents and sisters were waiting for us at a campsite at Snow Basin.  Jim's dad was honking CQ's with his car horn to try to make contact with us.  CQ in ham radio talk means roughly "I seek you".  Finally, Jim and I arrived at their camp, okay but tired.  Jim lived a great life and was a wonderful example of someone who obtained an education, worked hard, and raised a tremendous family, together with his wife Ina.  He will be sorely missed.

Jim Layman

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