Linda Fowler Henderson

Profile Updated: June 21, 2022
Residing In: North Ogden, UT USA
Spouse/Partner: Karl J Henderson, Ben Lomond Class of 59'
Occupation: Retired
Children: Lindsay Karl Henderson, born 1961. Scott Shon Henderson, born 1964. Heath Lee Henderson, 1968-1969, More…Kami Jo Henderson, Seward, born, 1970. Thomas Kort Henderson, 1973-2022.

Oh my gosh, where do I start. Karl and I married February of our senior year, which means we just celebrated our “50th” anniversary. After being married four years we had the opportunity to move to Mainz, Germany with Karl's employment for Sperry Univac. After spending a year there and traveling to England, Holland, Switzerland, France, and Austria we moved back to Roy, Utah and our first brand new home.
In 1972 we moved to Willard, Utah buying and old Victorian styled home and proceeded to live in it while doing all the remodeling ourselves. At the same time I went to Weber State College's Technical College where I obtained my cosmetology license. We built a salon in our home for the purpose of me being home for our children while they were being raised.
In 1977 we relocated to North Ogden, Utah. And once again I owned and operated a salon from our home. We only moved once while in North Ogden and spent a total of 22 year there. With our second move I changed careers going to work for Standard Beauty Supply, calling on salon's from Logan to Provo. I did this for 7 years at which time I had three sales people under my supervision.
In 1989 Karl once again was offered a job opportunity in Okinawa, Japan while working for Hill Air Force Base. We spent 2 years there, which was an unbelievable experience.
Returning back to our home in North Ogden and wanting a career change I went back to school and opened a business doing bookkeeping for small businesses. It was during this time that I was offer an position to become a mortgage loan officer. For the pass sixteen years this has been my focus. During this time I owned and operated Fidelity First Financial, employing 25 loan originators.
We have had 5 children, 4 boys and one girl. Our third son was run over in our driveway at the age of 14 months and died. We now have 10 grandchildren and in February 2011 had our first great-grandson.
I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 4 years after marring and have cherished every moment of involvement.
My passions are grandchildren, (of course), genealogy, gardening, decorating, water color painting, and drama.
It has been my privileged and honor to have served on every reunion planning committee since we graduated.
As you all know me by Linda Fowler, my real last name is Fitzgerald. When I was 11 years old my mother told me that my step-father was not my biological father. In my early 20's I found my father in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was truly an amazing experience to meet him, my uncle and grandparents for the first time.
This past couple of years Karl and I were called as directors for the West Council to write and direct a portion of the musical production which the LDS church produced and performed at WSU football stadium in July of 2010 entitled “Arise.” There were approximately 4,800+ youth from the ages of 14-18 years old and they performed before and audience of 21,500 + the largest attendance the University has seen to date. It was an incredible undertaking and will be lodged in our hearts forever.

School Story:

Funny story that happen when I was in the 7th grade at Mound Fort. My parents decided that they were moving into Ogden on Fowler Avenue. At the time Mound Fort and Washington were the leading schools as far as sports were concerned. Central was next and Lewis was on the bottle of the pile. When I realized I would be going to Lewis I was mortified. About the time we were to move Lewis burnt to the ground. My parents made a big deal about it and accused me of being the arson that committed the crime. Of course I was innocent.
Once at Ogden High I enjoyed every minute of the the 5 years we spent there. Especially the day I was in English class with Mrs. Mathews. John Rich had fallen asleep in class. When the bell rang he didn't budge. Mrs. Mathews instructed us to leave quietly, which we did. Still no movement from John. I just happened to be in the next class with her, a home economic class with all girls. The look on John's face when he woke up was priceless. Of course no video camera's or cell phone then to record the event.
Miss Hauser was a bear to some but I loved her. One day in cooking class I burnt some peas. I immediately put water in the pan and put them back on the stove thinking she wouldn't notice......who was I kidding..... I never did that again.
My favorite class was when I worked as Miss Ballinger's (Dean of Girls) assistant. I loved running around the school getting kids out of class. She was truly a sweetheart.
I owe being able to graduate to sweet John Nelson and all his help in class.
Ogden High is a large building and we would run clear up to the third floor to catch a glimpse of one of the school's heart throb's when our class was in the basement. Oh to be young again.
My most exciting memory was when Marilyn Tuck lined me up with Mark Curtis and they had a surprise 16th birthday party for me at Joe Beuhler's house. Wow, How did I rate! He even gave me a small bottler of real perfume called Replecaqe'. Funny the details of some things that you never forget.

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