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08/21/11 01:09 PM #12    


Peggy Leininger (Stowe)

I just wanted to say how great the Saturday night event was.  It was fantastic!  It was so fun to see so many classmates I have not seen for years.  Some I recognized right away and thank goodness for a name tag too, as it helped so much.  Thanks to all the members of the committee.  All the planning and organizing this reunion was spectacular.   If all the other events were as successful as Saturday night it was a huge success.  I shared this morning with a fellow about the web site and Wynn, you absolutely did an amazing job. I felt badly that we had to leave before the program was over.  My husband was not feeling well.  We were enjoying it so much and laughed and laughed.   I could have stayed for many more hours getting reacquainted.  Thanks again!  Peggy Leininger Stowe

08/26/11 11:23 PM #13    

Lita Chavez (Wright)

Our classmate Linda Bertagnolli Henson passed away at 6:45 pm, 26 Aug 2011.  Linda lived in Burbank Calif., and had been ill for quite  awhile..

09/06/11 09:20 AM #14    


Yukiko Yamamoto (Nagano)

Hi, my dear OHS friends!

I've been trying to keep up with you at the great Reunion through delightful photos and accurate and lively accounts of the event.  I feel like being with you, but, honestly, I do not recognize anyone of you!!!  I must have missed such a great occasion of meeting and making a sort of new acquaintances to remember from now on.  Well, next time, maybe in 5 hears, when my 'country of the rising sun' is better off, I may be able to join you.  I really look forward to it. That, I happened to dream, could take place in the recovered Tohoku, Japan.  Could it?

About the website.  What a terrific communication tool you established, especially for someone who couldn't just step out of the front door and walk down a block or two to knock on the door of dear old frineds.  Advanced technology could do something so very wonderful.

I've ordered a DVD as a remembrance of this event, which even though I couldn't attend in person, means a lot just the same.  I'm grateful and proud to be counted as one of you Tigers. The donation I made for the reconstruction of OHS will signify my appreciation and hope for the future development.

May you all have happy and healthy life and live long until the next Reunion which I may be able to attend, okay?  Okay.  Thank you.



08/24/12 02:03 PM #15    


Biill Roberts

OHS 51st. Thanks so much Madeline Pappas Coleman for making the evening such a wonderful, memorable event. You worked so hard to make it an awesome get together. It was great to see folks that I had not seen for 21 years.

06/24/13 08:10 AM #16    

Barbara Datwyler (Merrill-Muzzy)

I have been participating in the "Remembering Ogden Riverdale and Beyond" blog and it's pretty fun...  Remembering Ogden/Riverdale and beyond.  you may want to post the connection.

06/25/13 06:51 AM #17    


Ray Boyle III


06/01/14 02:50 PM #18    

Judee Robb (Stanley)

I too send kudos to Garth. He must have great patience! I think a gift certificate is in order at the very least.

Judee Stanley

06/01/14 07:36 PM #19    

Margaret Hadley (Radabaugh)

Great job Garth.  I look foreword to your new postings.  Thank you.

06/02/14 02:25 PM #20    


John Demel

Well done Garth - Thanks!  And thanks to all


10/12/14 02:35 PM #21    

Celia Williams (Baron)

Hi Madeline,

Please let me know your luncheon dates.  I'd love to come if I'm in town.  Do you know the Dec. date yet?


02/07/15 08:50 PM #22    


Ray Boyle III


01/06/16 10:21 PM #23    


Judy Prantil (Linnell)

A shout out to Garth U R the BEST.

I'm living in an AZ retirement community

with people from all over the country.

Few have an active class website with

easy assess to former classmates.

Go OHS πŸŽ‰ Class of '61 πŸŽ“party on !

see you all this August.

Ciao'  Judy Prantil Linnell


01/27/16 09:46 AM #24    


Richard Orton

I noticed on Lynda's contact that her area code was incorrect.  She's a fun lady and has a great Husband too.

Just a small memory about Kent:  a group of us were running on Washington Blvd getting ready for a Track Meet at Washington Jr High, and I got a little too close to Kent trying to take the lead, and he said "Move over Ort or I'll run over ya"

I think I made the right Choice!

Kent was always friendly to me when I would see at the Base, and he would ask with a big grin on his face

"how's that cute little Sister of your's"?

Kent is one of the greatest hard workers I have ever met!  He will be missed.

Dick Orton

07/10/16 11:26 AM #25    

John Nelson

We are looking forward to this very much.

John and Linda Nelson

11/03/17 09:12 AM #26    

Lynda Cawley (Goucher)

My email is also incorrect. Correct email for Lynda Cawley Goucher:

01/11/18 09:22 AM #27    

Richard Streeper

Ron Hill


Sorry to hear of Ron's passing. I always remember him as smiling , good natured  claasmate and good football player. I do not much of Ron's life after Odgen High School but it seems he had a good life. My thoughts go out to his family and wish them the best

01/28/20 05:56 PM #28    


Madeline Pappas (Coleman)

Dear Classmates,

      The 60th Class Reunion is now somewhat being planned and just wanted everyone to mark this date, so you can possibly

make plans to attend the 60th.

60th Class Reunion will be held Auguest 28, 2021, remember, 2021,

at: The Timbermine Restuarant in Ogden, Utah

5 PM to 8PM

Every three months you will receive notifications to keep reminding us.

June of 2021, now again, remember 2021, you will be sent your menu choices,

the expense of your meal, and whom you will your check or money order to.

Your payment will be your reservation.

Too excited, even though we are into next year of 2021.

Madeline Pappas Coleman


01/29/20 09:58 AM #29    

Lynda Cawley (Goucher)

Thank you Madeline for making these arrangements.  Stay well and happy.  See you at the next luncheon.  Hugs.  

07/15/20 08:09 AM #30    

Betty Ball (Allen)

Mike, you were my first crush, sorry not to have seen you again when my brother passed.  I  look forward to seeing you again, being 16 was fun.  143 Betty Ball Allen

07/18/20 04:07 PM #31    


Keith Westbroek

Nothing against Mike Stoddard, but why are you holding a special memorial celebrating of his life when you have never held a special memorial for any other classmate?  If that’s the case we should have a special ceremonial for all of our classmates.  All lives matter!!!!

07/18/20 05:46 PM #32    


Brent Clark

ABSOLUTELY, Keith !!! With no disrespect to the deceased intended, ALL OHS 61 Lives DO Matter, and in my opinion there should be no exceptions! A special thanks, once again, to Garth Westover, and those who have in some cases helped him, for coming up with death information on a number of our classmates who, for many of us, would have passed away anonymously without his hard work and updates.

07/19/20 09:49 AM #33    

Dennis Gladwell

To  Brent and Keith.  Why a celebration ?

Mike, among other OHS grads in our class, gather for a lunch about every 6 weeks give or take. Eddy VanSweden is the informal "chair."  Mike was a regular member of the "group".  Mike was very sick. He had been on dialysis for 4 years, and was a former shadow of himself.  When he suddenly died 4 weeks ago, if you might remember, his obituary was about two inches in length and said almost nothing.  The back story was that his sister had composed the obit without input from Mike's wife- but there was no viewing or funeral. And what obit there was,  certainly did not do justice to the to remarkable life Mike led. 

Thus, without a funeral or a viewing, there was no way to "pay our respects."  Mike was a close friend of mine, and the "luncheon group" felt we should invite his wife to a celebration of Mike's life, and give some of us an opportunity to say good bye to a good friend, and to let her know that many of us old guys cared about him. 

So that is what we did.  About 15 of us attended.  Mike's wife, Carol, came, and a couple of his nieces. It lasted about 50 minutes. You both were welcomed as were the other 100 class-mates who did not show.

Call Eddy and he will put your name on the e-mail that gives us a place and a date for the next lunch. It is so informal that anyone and noone comes each time.

I am preparing a Trust and Will for Carol, Advanced Medical Directives and a Special Power of Attorney.  I trust you will not object to that effort on the basis that I have never provided these legal services for any other class member.    Hope to see you soon.  Dennis Gladwell



07/19/20 11:20 AM #34    


Brent Clark

TO: Dennis Gladwell

I think that the Legal Services, and other assistance that you are providing for the widow of your friend, Mike Stoddard, is admirable. However, at least Mike Stoddard's obituary in the Standard Examiner was 2 inches in length. Other OHS 61 Classmates who have died in recent months, such as Carolyn Corry Price, had ZERO Obituaries...and if not for the efforts of Garth Westover and some Classmate assistance that he was able to garner ... would have gone unnoticed by most of our classmates. Each OHS61 Classmates' life is remarkable in it's own way, and should be recognized as such. If, beyond that, special 'Class Sponsored' things are done for one, I think that they should be done for all those who end up in those circumstances.

07/19/20 03:45 PM #35    


Keith Westbroek

πŸ‘ Well said Brent!

07/19/20 05:45 PM #36    

Jim Whited

I think it is a shame the announcement of a Celebration fo Life lead to the comments made. It is my understanding any next of kin or friend do this for any classmate. Since I don't live in the area, this website is the only way, other than a call from mutual friend, that I learn of someones passing. Personally I,d like to see more as these announcements.

My thanks to Garth for staying on top of this.

My thanks also goes to Dennis, Richard and the others.Perhaps if you would have been there, you could have mentioned Carolyn, because after the 50 minutes ,we did talk of other classmates that have passed.






































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